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judy 豎琴老師 演奏家碩士 harpist harpteacher 豎琴家族 學豎琴價錢 屯門學豎琴 豎琴課程 豎琴老師 豎琴課程 沙田豎琴難學嗎 豎琴導師 豎琴課程 工聯會豎琴教學 豎琴多少錢

judy 豎琴老師 演奏家碩士 harpist harpteacher 豎琴家族 學豎琴價錢 屯門學豎琴 豎琴課程 豎琴老師 豎琴課程 沙田豎琴難學嗎 豎琴導師 豎琴課程 工聯會豎琴教學 豎琴多少錢

Natalie Man is a professional harpist who is now based in Hong Kong. She was a winner of the Darius Milhaud Performance Prize and the Hong Kong Inter-School International Performance Challenge. She was also the finalist of the American Harp Society Anne Adams Award National Competition where she receipted the Maxwell and Calkins Prize. While studying at the Cleveland Institute of Music, she was a two times recipient of the Alice Chalifoux Prize and the Jocelyn Chang and Michael Leese Award in Harp. As a soloist, she performed in the World Harp Congress and the Hong Kong Harp Festival. She was featured live on Click2Houston representing the Texas Music Festival.


As an orchestral musician, she performed with the Tuscarawas Philharmonic Orchestra, Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra, Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, the CityMusic Cleveland, the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra and multiple university orchestras in Hong Kong and the United States. Other summer festival performances include the National Orchestra Institute and the Academie International de Courchevel in France. In 2017, she was invited to give an Asia premiere on the famous composer Paul Patterson’s Mosquitoes with her ensemble the Victoria Quartet at the 13th World Harp Congress.

A passionate music educator, she owns a private studio in Hong Kong. In 2017, she was invited to be one of the teaching assistance for the most leading harp summer camp in Asia, the Harpy Summer Academy held by the Hong Kong Harp Centre.

Ms. Man holds a Bachelor of Music degree and a Diploma in Performing Arts from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where she studied with Dan Yu and Ann Huang, and a Master of Music degree as well as an Artist Diploma from the Cleveland Institute of Music where she is a student of internationally renowned artist Yolanda Kondonassis. Besides being a professional harpist, she also plays the piano and the organ. She got merit on grade 8 Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exam for piano and distinction on grade 8 ABRSM exam for organ. A native Hong Kong, Ms. Man began studying the harp at age of 12. In leisure time, she enjoys reading and doing handcrafts. 

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